Schedule 2013-4

September 13 Kimberly Morgan, GW

The Gendered Politics of Immigrant Integration Policy in France

Discussant: Lisel Hintz, GW

September 20   Huan-Kai Tseng, GW

Subsidizing Prospective Deficits: Public Spending Volatility and the Central Bank’s Interest Rate Policy

Discussant: Hein Bogaard, GW (School of Business)

October 4       Roger Betancourt, University of Maryland

Unbundling Democracy: Tilly Trumps Schumpeter

Discussant: Jeremy Streatfeild, GW 

October 18      Julia MacDonald and Alanna Van Antwerp, GW

November 1       Erik Herron, University of Kansas/NSF Program Director (political science) and Fredrik M. Sjoberg, New York University

“Electoral Systems and Fraud: Evidence from Ukraine’s 2012 Parliamentary Election”

Discussant: Olesya Tkacheva, RAND

November 15    Evgeny Finkel and Dot Smith, GW

“Coups and Military Ranks”

Discussant:  Mike Miller, GW

December 6       Alexander Reisenbichler, GW

“The Power Dynamics of Transnational Regulatory Networks: Insights from the Financial Stability Forum (FSF) and Board (FSB)”

Discussant:  Stephen Kaplan, GW

January 10           Charles Sullivan, GW

Nationalism and Nostalgia in the Tatar Republic

Discussant: Harvey Feigenbaum, GW

February 7          Marion Fourcade, UC Berkeley

“The Moral Sociology of the State: Thoughts About the Eurozone Crisis”              

February 21        Kelly Bauer, GW

“Politics of Pressure: The Impact of Mapuche Mobilization on Policy Implementation”

Discussant: Steven Balla, GW

March 7                Johanna Birnir, University of Maryland

“Voting in the Shadow of Violence: Electoral Politics and Conflict”

Discussant: Cynthia McClintock, GW

March 21             Erica Simmons, University of Wisconsin

“Water, Community, and Privatization in Cochabamba Bolivia”

Discussant: Celeste Arrington, GW

April 4                  Harris Mylonas, GW

“The Politics of Diaspora Management”

Discussant: Volha Charnysh, Harvard University

April 18                Jessica Anderson, GW


“Threat and the Logic of Target Selection: Analyzing South Africa’s Xenophobic Attacks”

Discussant: Donald Horowitz, Duke

May 2                    Todd Eisenstadt, Carl LeVan and Tofigh Maboudi, AU

“When Talk Trumps Text: How Participatory Deliberation on New Constitutions Advances Democratization”

Discussant: Nathan Brown, GW

May 9                     Maria Victoria Murillo, Columbia University and Ernesto Calvo, University of Maryland

Responsiveness and Responsibility