Schedule 2014-5

September 19   Adam Ziegfeld, GW

“Bringing Down Dominant Parties: Explaining Opposition Coordination across Indian States”

Discussant: Abboud Kayyali, GW


October 3            Annelle Sheline, GW

“State-built Mosques: The Construction of Political Legitimacy through the Appropriation of Religion”

Discussant: Abdulkader Sinno, Indiana University


October 17          Celeste Arrington, GW

“Names and Namelessness: Plaintiff Anonymity and Legal Opportunity Structures in Japan and South Korea”

Discussant: TBA


November 7       Scott Weiner, GW

“Kinship, Family, and State Formation in the Arab Gulf”

Discussant: Stephen E. Hanson, College of William & Mary


November 21    Donald Horowitz, Duke

“Constitution-Making Processes for Severely Divided Societies”

Discussant: Lise Morje Howard, Georgetown


December 12       Madeleine Wells Goldburt, GW

“Stay in your Lane! International Threat, Democratization, and Ethnic Agenda-Setting in Kuwait, 1961-2010”

Discussant: TBA


January 16           Michael Miller, GW

“Elections and Elite Violence on the Road to Democratization, 1800-2010”

Discussant: TBA


February 6          Bret Barrowman, GW

“The Politics of Public Sector Reform in Clientelist Political Systems”

Discussant:  TBA


February 20        Cathy Schneider, AU

Title TBA

Discussant: TBA


March 6                Eric Kramon, GW

“Ethnicity and Programmatic Politics in Africa”

Discussant: TBA


March 20             Julian Waller and Henry Hale, GW

“Dominant Parties and Legislatures in Non-Democratic Regimes: Evidence from Russia”

Discussant: TBA


April 3                   Scott Kennedy, Indiana University

“Doing Good to Do Well: Corporate Philanthropy in China”

Discussant: TBA


May 1                    Danielle Gilbert and Harris Mylonas, GW

“Eulogizing National Violence, Affirming Divine Right, or Glorifying Liberal Values? Explaining Variation in National Anthem Types”

Discussant: TBA