Past schedules


Schedule 2016-2017

September 16       Matt Amengual, MIT

“Buying Stability: The Distributive Outcomes of Firm Responses to Risk in the Bolivian Mining Industry”

Discussant: Aparna Ravi, GW

October 7    Roselyn Hsueh, Temple

“The Strategic Value Logic of National and Sectoral Pathways to Globalization”

Discussant: See-Won Byun, GW

October 21     Diogo de Castilho Penha de Lemos, GW

“The Maximum Winning Coalition? Religious Demography and the Success of Hindu Right-Wing Parties in India”

Discussant: Pavithra Suryanarayan, Johns Hopkins, SAIS

November 4     Manny Teitelbaum, GW

“Does Development Undermine Support for Militant Politics? The Case of India’s Red Corridor”

Discussant: Adam Auerbach, American University

November 18     Celeste Arrington and Yong-il Moon, GW

“Rights Activism and Legislation for People with Disabilities in Japan and Korea”

Discussant: Martha Finnemore, GW

December 2     Adam Auerbach (American University) and Tariq Thachil (Vanderbilt)

“Who do Political Brokers Serve? Experimental Evidence from Informal Leaders in India’s Urban Slums”

Discussant: Sam Frantz, GW

December 16     Alexander Reisenbichler, GW

“The Politics of Housing Capitalism: Growth Models and Policy Coalitions in the United States and Germany”

Discussant: Geoffrey Gertz, Brookings


January 19      David Steinberg, Johns Hopkins, SAIS

[NB: moved to a Thurs. due to the Inauguration]

“Does Democracy Promote Capital Account Liberalization?”

(Co-authored with Stephen C. Nelson and Christoph Nguyen)

Discussant: Alexander Reisenbichler, GW


February 3     Abboud Kayyali, GW

“For God, Country and King: Political Contestation and Party Formation in Morocco”

Discussant: Annelle Sheline, GW


February 17     Diana Kapiszewski, Georgetown

“Constitutionalism with Adjectives:  Conceptual Innovation and the Global Rule of Law”

Discussant: Steven Shaaf, GW


March 3     David Szakonyi, GW

“Princelings and Political Rents”

Discussant: Alex Fisher, GW


April 7     Zsuzsa Csergo, Queen’s University

“Minority Political Agency and Regional Security in Central and Eastern Europe”

Discussant: Marko Zilovic, GW


April 21     Ethan Scheiner, UC Davis (jointly with the Department Speaker Series)

“Social Diversity Affects the Number of Parties Even under First-Past-the-Post Rules,” co-authored with Caitlin Milazzo (University of Nottingham) and Robert Moser (UT Austin)


May 5     Adam Ziegfeld and Sam Frantz, GW

“Rule of Law and Electoral Politics: Why Some Elections Are Candidate-Centered and Others are Party-Centered”

Discussant: Eric Kramon, GW


Schedule 2015-2016

October 2   Leonid Peisakhin, NYU-AD

“The Legacy of Political Violence Across Generations”

Discussant: Julian Waller, GW

October 16   Scott Kennedy, CSIS and Indiana University

“Party Time: The CCP Takes Over China’s Policy Process”

Discussant: Jackson Woods, GW

November 6   Daniel Nerenberg, GW

“Discontent with Alien Rule: Social Purpose and Noncooperation in the First Intifada”

Discussant: Henry Hale, GW

November 20   Tofigh Maboudi, AU

“Citizens as the Founding Fathers: Constituent Deliberation and the Democratic Content of Constitutions”

Discussant: Cynthia McClintock, GW

December 4   Yon Lupu, GW

“Collective Action and Constraints on Repression at the Endgame”

Discussant: Lillian Frost, GW

December 18   Marko Zilovic, GW (coauthor Harris Mylonas, GW)

“Explaining Sub-Diaspora Management Policies: Post-Cold War Serbia and Greece”

Discussant: TBA

January 15   Harley Balzer and Paula Ganga, Georgetown

“Corruption: Quantity or Quality?”

Discussant: Aparna Ravi, GW

February 5   Bruce Dickson, GW

“Generating Support in Contemporary China: Legitimation, Co-Optation, and the Local Legitimacy Deficit”

Discussant: Adrienne LeBas, AU

February 19   Emmanuel Teitelbaum, GW

“U.S. GSP Review and Worker Rights in Developing Countries”

Discussant: Nate Jensen, GW

March 4   TBA


Discussant: TBA

April 1   Annelle Sheline, GW

“The Effects of Promoting Moderate Islam in Jordan and Oman”

Discussant: TBA

May 6   Allison Quatrini, GW

“‘Party’ Politics: Ethnic Minority Holiday Celebrations and their Political Characteristics in the People’s Republic of China”

Discussant: TBA


Schedule 2013-2014

September 13 Kimberly Morgan, GW

The Gendered Politics of Immigrant Integration Policy in France

Discussant: Lisel Hintz, GW

September 20   Huan-Kai Tseng, GW

Subsidizing Prospective Deficits: Public Spending Volatility and the Central Bank’s Interest Rate Policy

Discussant: Hein Bogaard, GW (School of Business)

October 4       Roger Betancourt, University of Maryland

Unbundling Democracy: Tilly Trumps Schumpeter

Discussant: Jeremy Streatfeild, GW 

October 18      Julia MacDonald and Alanna Van Antwerp, GW

November 1       Erik Herron, University of Kansas/NSF Program Director (political science) and Fredrik M. Sjoberg, New York University

“Electoral Systems and Fraud: Evidence from Ukraine’s 2012 Parliamentary Election”

Discussant: Olesya Tkacheva, RAND

November 15    Evgeny Finkel and Dot Smith, GW

“Coups and Military Ranks”

Discussant:  Mike Miller, GW

December 6       Alexander Reisenbichler, GW

“The Power Dynamics of Transnational Regulatory Networks: Insights from the Financial Stability Forum (FSF) and Board (FSB)”

Discussant:  Stephen Kaplan, GW

January 10           Charles Sullivan, GW

Nationalism and Nostalgia in the Tatar Republic

Discussant: Harvey Feigenbaum, GW

February 7          Marion Fourcade, UC Berkeley

“The Moral Sociology of the State: Thoughts About the Eurozone Crisis”              

February 21        Kelly Bauer, GW

“Politics of Pressure: The Impact of Mapuche Mobilization on Policy Implementation”

Discussant: Steven Balla, GW

March 7                Johanna Birnir, University of Maryland

“Voting in the Shadow of Violence: Electoral Politics and Conflict”

Discussant: Cynthia McClintock, GW

March 21             Erica Simmons, University of Wisconsin

“Water, Community, and Privatization in Cochabamba Bolivia”

Discussant: Celeste Arrington, GW

April 4                  Harris Mylonas, GW

“The Politics of Diaspora Management”

Discussant: Volha Charnysh, Harvard University

April 18                Jessica Anderson, GW

“Threat and the Logic of Target Selection: Analyzing South Africa’s Xenophobic Attacks”

Discussant: Donald Horowitz, Duke

May 2                    Todd Eisenstadt, Carl LeVan and Tofigh Maboudi, AU

“When Talk Trumps Text: How Participatory Deliberation on New Constitutions Advances Democratization”

Discussant: Nathan Brown, GW

May 9                     Maria Victoria Murillo, Columbia University and Ernesto Calvo, University of Maryland

Responsiveness and Responsibility 


Schedule 2012-2013

Sept. 21— Lucia Seybert (Georgetown and the Wilson Center)

Paper Title: “Coherence of Populist Coalitions and the Quality of Democracy in Poland and Slovakia”

Discussant: Adrienne LeBas, American University


 Oct. 5—Tristan Volpe (GWU graduate student)

Paper Title: “Nuclear Fuel Cycle Postures: Causes and Consequences for International Politics”

Discussant: Diogo Lemos


Oct. 19—Jeffery Paige (University of Michigan)

Paper Topic: “Rethinking Revolution in Evo Morales’s Bolivia”

Discussant: Cynthia McClintock, GWU faculty


 Nov 2–Bruce Dickson (GWU faculty) and Jackson Woods (GWU graduate student)

Paper Title: “Victims and Patriots: Disaggregating Nationalism in China”

Discussant: Allison Quatrini (GWU graduate student)


 Nov 16— Dina Bishara (GWU graduate student)

Paper Topic: “Beyond Repression and Concessions: Conceptualizing Regime Responses to Protests.”  


Jan 18–- David Cunningham (University Maryland)

Paper Topic: “Preventing Civil War: How the potential for international intervention can deter conflict onset”

Discussant: Alex Downes (GWU)


Feb 1— Kelly Bauer (GWU graduate student)

Paper Title: “Indigenous Mobilization in Chile: The Politics of Land Reform and Inequality”

Discussant: Jeffery Paige


Feb 15— Todd Eisenstadt and Jennifer Yelle (American University)

Paper Title: “From Blank Stares Come Blank Ballots: Poor Candidate Information and the Prevalence of Null Votes in the World’s First Democratic National Judicial Elections (Bolivia 2011)

Discussant: Kelly Bauer (GWU graduate student)


March 1— Dorothy Smith Ohl (GWU graduate student)

Discussant: Alanna van Antwerp (GWU graduate student)


April 19– Paul Zachary (GWU graduate student) and Alex Downes (GWU faculty)

Paper Topic: “No Business Like FIRC Business: Foreign Imposed Regime Change and Bilateral Trade”


May 3—Alanna Van Antwerp (GWU graduate student)

Paper Title: “Legacies of Repression: Political Mobilization in the Shadow of Authoritarian Rule”

Discussant: Dina Bishara (GWU graduate student)


May 10—Stephen Kaplan (GWU faculty)

Paper Topic: “Economic Crises and Technocratic Governance”

Discussant: Manny Teitelbaum  (GWU faculty)


Cathy Schneider (American University)

Paper Topic: Riots and Political Violence

Discussant: Evgeny Finkel (GWU faculty)


Schedule 2011-2012

October 14          Lise Morje Howard, Jennings Randolph Senior Fellow, USIP/Georgetown

Discussant:  Donald Horowitz, Duke University and U.S. Institute of Peace


November 11       Bruce Dickson, GW

“They Have Issues: Public Goods and Performance Legitimacy in China”

Discussant: Henry Hale, GW


December 9        Henry Hale, GW

“Parties to Manipulation: Russia as a Case Study in Hybrid Regime Partisanship”

Discussant: John SidesGW


January 13            Adrienne LeBas, AU 

“Taxation and Trust in Urban Nigeria”

Discussant: Emmanuel Teitelbaum, GW


March 9                 Harris Mylonas, GW

“Which land is Our Land? Explaining Variation in Border Claims”

Discussant: Gerard Toal, Virginia Tech


April 6                 Scott Mainwaring, Notre Dame

“The Rise and Fall of Democracies and Dictatorships: Latin America since 1900”

Discussant: Cynthia McClintock, GW


April 13                Craig Kauffman, GW

“Global Governors And Local Governance: Implementing Watershed Management Reforms in Ecuador”

Discussant: Jennifer Brinkerhoff, GW


May 11                   Alexander Downes, GW

“Freedom by Force: Foreign-Imposed Regime Change and Democratization”

For an overview of the larger project, see Boston Review

Discussant: Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham, University of Maryland

Schedule 2010-2011

Sep. 10:  Harris Mylonas, GW

“Fighting the ‘Enemy Within’: State Responses toward Externally Leveraged Minorities” (co-author Erin Jenne)

Discussant: Henry Hale, GW


Oct. 8:           Kimberly Morgan, GW

“The End of the Frozen Welfare State? Innovation in Work-Family Policies in Western Europe”

Discussant: Henry Farrell, GW


Nov. 12:       Donald Horowitz, Duke and Woodrow Wilson Center

How Indonesia Became a Constitutional Democracy

Discussant: Alasdair Bowie, GW


Dec. 10:     Llewelyn Hughes, GW

“The Limits of Liberalism? Oil Markets and Economic Liberalization in France and Japan”

Discussant: Stephen Kaplan, GW


Jan. 14:   Steven WilkinsonYale [PLS NOTE: 2:15-3:45 PM instead of the usual time]

“Veterans, organizational skill and ethnic cleansing: Evidence from the Partition of South Asia”

(co-author Saumitra Jha, Stanford)

Discussant: Emmanuel Teitelbaum, GW


Feb. 11:  Cynthia McClintock, GW

“Election Rules in Latin America: Is Plurality or Runoff Better for Democracy?”

Discussant: Gina Lambright, GW


Mar. 11:  Kathleen Bruhn, UCSB

“Electing Extremists? Party Primaries and Legislative Candidates in Mexico“

DiscussantTodd EisenstadtAmerican University


Apr. 8:             John Sides, GW

“Seeking Stateness: Identity Regimes in Multiethnic States”

Discussant: Marc Morje Howard, Georgetown