Schedule 2016-17

September 16       Matt Amengual, MIT

“Buying Stability: The Distributive Outcomes of Firm Responses to Risk in the Bolivian Mining Industry”

Discussant: Aparna Ravi, GW

October 7    Roselyn Hsueh, Temple

“The Strategic Value Logic of National and Sectoral Pathways to Globalization”

Discussant: See-Won Byun, GW

October 21     Diogo de Castilho Penha de Lemos, GW

“The Maximum Winning Coalition? Religious Demography and the Success of Hindu Right-Wing Parties in India”

Discussant: Pavithra Suryanarayan, Johns Hopkins, SAIS

November 4     Manny Teitelbaum, GW

“Does Development Undermine Support for Militant Politics? The Case of India’s Red Corridor”

Discussant: Adam Auerbach, American University

November 18     Celeste Arrington and Yong-il Moon, GW

“Rights Activism and Legislation for People with Disabilities in Japan and Korea”

Discussant: Martha Finnemore, GW

December 2     Adam Auerbach (American University) and Tariq Thachil (Vanderbilt)

“Who do Political Brokers Serve? Experimental Evidence from Informal Leaders in India’s Urban Slums”

Discussant: Sam Frantz, GW

December 16     Alexander Reisenbichler, GW

“The Politics of Housing Capitalism: Growth Models and Policy Coalitions in the United States and Germany”

Discussant: Geoffrey Gertz, Brookings


January 19      David Steinberg, Johns Hopkins, SAIS

[NB: moved to a Thurs. due to the Inauguration]

“Does Democracy Promote Capital Account Liberalization?”

(Co-authored with Stephen C. Nelson and Christoph Nguyen)

Discussant: Alexander Reisenbichler, GW


February 3     Abboud Kayyali, GW

“For God, Country and King: Political Contestation and Party Formation in Morocco”

Discussant: Annelle Sheline, GW


February 17     Diana Kapiszewski, Georgetown

“Constitutionalism with Adjectives:  Conceptual Innovation and the Global Rule of Law”

Discussant: Steven Shaaf, GW


March 3     David Szakonyi, GW

“Princelings and Political Rents”

Discussant: Alex Fisher, GW


April 7     Zsuzsa Csergo, Queen’s University

“Minority Political Agency and Regional Security in Central and Eastern Europe”

Discussant: Marko Zilovic, GW


April 21     Ethan Scheiner, UC Davis (jointly with the Department Speaker Series)

“Social Diversity Affects the Number of Parties Even under First-Past-the-Post Rules,” co-authored with Caitlin Milazzo (University of Nottingham) and Robert Moser (UT Austin)


May 5     Adam Ziegfeld and Sam Frantz, GW

“Rule of Law and Electoral Politics: Why Some Elections Are Candidate-Centered and Others are Party-Centered”

Discussant: Eric Kramon, GW