Schedule 2017-18

September 15        Samer Anabtawi, Nathan Brown, Steven Schaaf, Julian Waller, GW

“Understanding Authoritarian Institutions”

Discussant: David Szakonyi, GW

October 6       Henry Hale, GW

“Rallying Round the Flag as Preference Falsification: A Panel Study of Putin’s Popularity Surge after Crimea”

Discussant: Stas Gorelik, GW

October 20       Bruce Dickson, GW

“How Corruption Investigations Undermine Regime Support: Evidence from China”

Discussant: Alex Fisher, GW

November 10       Janet Lewis, United States Naval Academy

“Statebuilding, Information, and Deterring Aspiring Rebels”

Discussant: Jangai Jap, GW

November 17       EB Pertner, GW

“Media Moguls and Political Patrons: Media and Democracy in Turkey”

Discussant: Mike Miller, GW

December 1       Joanna Birnir, University of Maryland [joint event with Department Speaker Series]

“Alternatives in Mobilization: Ethnicity, Religion and Conflict”

December 15       David Szakonyi, GW

“Anti-Corruption Campaigns and Political Selection: Evidence from Russia”

Discussant: Sam Franz, GW

January 19      Kimberly Morgan, GW

“Immigration Control and the Many Hands of the State”

Discussant: Josiah Augustine, GW

February 16      Sophia Moestrup, National Democratic Institute (and GW alum)

“Semi-presidentialism and Power Sharing in Africa”

Discussant: Eric Kramon, GW

March 2     Kathleen McNamara, Georgetown University

“Explaining the New Political Cleavages: How Geography Shapes Culture in the Post-Industrial Era”

Discussant: Marko Zilovic, GW

March 23     Pavithra Suryanarayan, SAIS

“Slavery, Reconstruction, and Bureaucratic Capacity in the American South”

Discussant: Jennifer Doherty, GW

March 30      Annelle Sheline, GW

“Nation-building and the Construction of Official Religious Discourse in Jordan and Morocco”

Discussant: Peter Mandaville, George Mason

April 20       Jennifer Doherty, GW

“Targeted Goods Distribution and Authoritarian Stability: Survey Evidence from Uganda”

Discussant: Emmanuel Teitelbaum, GW