Schedule 2018-19

September 21        Eric Kramon and Brandon Bartels, GW

“Does Judicial Authority Depend on Who is in Power? Explaining Public Judgments of Judicial Authority in Africa”

Discussant: Ken Opalo, Georgetown


October 5       Lilly Frost, GW

“Unequal Citizens: A Global Assessment of Gender Discrimination in Nationality Laws”

Discussant: Lahra Smith, Georgetown


October 19       Alex Fischer, GW

“Is Russian Propaganda Making Us More Cynical and Conspiratorial?”

Discussant: David Szakonyi, GW


November 30       Dani Gilbert, GW

“The Strategic Logic of Political Kidnapping: Evidence from Colombia”

Discussant: Kanisha Bond, University of Maryland


January 25       DC-Area Comparative Politics Workshop (9am-3pm) @ GWU


February 1       Stephen Kaplan, GW

“The Rise of Patient Capital: The Political Economy of Chinese Finance in the Western Hemisphere”

Discussant: David Szakonyi, GW


February 15      Celeste Arrington, GW

“Disability Rights and Evolving Legal Opportunity Structures in South Korea and Japan”

Discussant: Steven Schaaf, GW


March 1     Kristin Looney, Georgetown University

“The Rural Developmental State”

Discussant: Sam Frantz, GW


March 22     Mike Miller, GW

“Coups, Elections, and War on the Road to Democratization, 1800-2014”

Discussant: Jennifer Raymond Dresden, Georgetown University


April 5      Joseph Cerrone, GW

“The Illiberal Origins of Populist Politics”

Discussant: Harris Mylonas, GW


April 19       Ahmed Kodouda, GW

“Colonial institutions, ethnic coalitional cleavages and secession in Africa”

Discussant: Adrienne LeBas, American University